Durango Small Portable Coolers
The new small Durango Portable Coolers provide spot cooling to indoor areas and can easily be moved from room to room to provide comfort to any area.  These coolers come in 3 sizes, 350 CFM for 175 sq. ft, 600 CFM for 400 sq. ft, and 800 CFM for up to 600 sq. ft.  Each model comes with a powerful 3 speed fan and the same quality as all other Bonaire Durango units.
The all new Bonaire Durango Small Portables are the latest products in the great Bonaire Durango family of coolers.  Perfect for small areas like living rooms, bedroom and other areas inside a home or office, the Bonaire Durango can provide cooling comfort for up to 600 square feet.  Lightweight and with a 7 ft power cord, these units are easy to move to cool any area required.
No installation required.  Just pour water in the tank and plug in to a power outlet

Three models – 350 CFM, 600 CFM and 800 CFM

Cools areas up to 175, 400 and 600 square feet

Lifetime cabinet corrosion warranty

Powerful 3 speed fan

Large water tank with low water alarm

Off time of up to 7.5 hours

Automatic vertical and horizontal swing louvers

Remote Control

New tactile illuminated key pad

Dust Pre-filter

Fully closeable louvers for winter shutdown
Download the K Series Manual