Bonaire Durango Product Range

The Bonaire Durango product range has been specifically designed to cater for the demanding needs of the US cooling market. Developed and tested in Australia, one of the harshest climates in the world, Bonaire products are built to last.

Durango Small Portable Coolers

The new small Durango Portable Coolers provide spot cooling to indoor areas and can easily be moved from room to room to provide comfort to any area.  These coolers come in 3 sizes, 350 CFM for 175 sq. ft, 600 CFM for 400 sq. ft, and 800 CFM for up to 600 sq. ft.  Each model comes with a powerful 3 speed fan and the same quality as all other Bonaire Durango units.
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Durango EvaporativeWindow Air Conditioner

The Bonaire Durango is designed to easily cool today’s open plan homes with models to cover 1600 square feet and 1900 square feet. It’s quiet, environmentally friendly and best of all, very economical to run. It can be easily installed into most windows and with its neutral colour, the Bonaire Durango blends in no matter what the environment.
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Durango Portable Cooler

The all new Durango Portable Cooler from Bonaire is a compact evaporative cooler which can be easily wheeled whenever and to wherever it is needed to provide the ultimate in outdoor cooling comfort. The Durango Portable Cooler is designed to cool an area of up to 900 square feet so it is perfect for large outdoor entertaining areas
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Combined Roof Top and Side Discharge Cooler

The all new Durango combined roof top and side discharge cooler is designed to replace all existing unit brands. Each Durango unit can be installed either as a down discharge roof top unit or side discharge.The Bonaire Durango Rooftop is available in three models that cool up to 1600, 2000 and 2500 square feet respectively.
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